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The Astronaut



Interview: Christine Stonat (8/2020)

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weird: “The Theory Of Absolutely Nothing” (Out: August 21, 2020) is your first full-length-album. 10 beautiful new songs and like a little book complete as a whole. What makes it special for you?


Alex The Astronaut: It tells lots of stories that are close to my heart and lets me relive them when I get to sing them. It’s like looking through a photo album times a million.





weird: How have you been doing the last few months? How are you dealing with the new situation amid the pandemic? We see your sweet new video “Christmas In July” is a social distancing video.


Alex The Astronaut: I don’t mind it, I miss people and shows but I like having a routine which I haven’t really had in the past few years while I’ve been touring. Yes I loved making that video, we came up with the idea the day before and it managed to all come together.





weird: With the album title” The Theory Of Absolutely Nothing” – there’s no song with that title on the album – you refer to Einstein, you say. “The more I learn the more I realize how much I don’t know.” How do you think this comes through in the new songs?


Alex The Astronaut: I think it comes through with each story being a bit of new information that proves that point. I think every new story that affects you or changes how you think about things just shows there’s a bazillion stories that you don’t know.





weird: It seems everyone who listens to your music agrees. You write great little stories captured in clever lyrics, as easy as deep from personal feelings to socially critical, and transport everything into sweet beautiful melodic gems that draw the listener directly in and all one feels is right at home. How do you see your own music?


Alex The Astronaut: That’s really kind, I think that’s the environment that I want to create. When I’m writing I imagine what it would be like hearing it as a stranger and I think that helps me make sure that the songs feel like a warm dialogue.





weird: How is your approach to writing songs? How do you write and compose? Is the guitar your instrument you go to?


Alex The Astronaut: I write lots of notes until they come together into a real idea of a song and then I either go to the piano or guitar and try and come up with a start. Then I usually try feel out what I want the melody to do with fake made up words then I start filling in the real words with my notes. And sometimes I do none of that, it’s a real trail an error kind of thing songwriting.





weird: Did you do anything differently with regard to your work on “The Theory Of Absolutely Nothing”?


Alex The Astronaut: Yes I thought about every song in terms of a story to add to a collection. So I made sure that each one represented a different colour or feeling so that when they all came together it would be a really full spectrum experience of music.





weird: You started making music at the age of 12. Can you tell us about your “rock star“ uncle you had, you say, and in how far he influenced you?


Alex The Astronaut: I wrote very bad music when I was 12 I think I mostly just changed the words to Jack Johnson songs so I think it was also mostly plagiarism. My uncle Luke plays guitar and sings and I always looked up to him. He’s so funny and is such a natural performer. He’s a teacher and I think I was lucky enough to be taught by him even though I never got to be in his classroom. He showed me how to play in front of other people by encouraging me to play songs with him at Christmas. He’s a proper rockstar.





weird: You also said somewhere that David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” taught you as a kid that oddness is great. Would you consider yourself as weird? And what does being odd respectively weird mean for you? Asking for a magazine. ^^


Alex The Astronaut: Yes, hahah, I think I heard that song in school when everyone was doing their very best not to be odd at all. I remember hearing that song and thinking being like that won’t let you make great songs like this. I think being odd or weird means embracing the innermost parts of ourselves and being confident enough to share them with others.





weird: Is “Space Oddity” also the reason for your artist name Alex The Astronaut and that you started being into the subject space in general or where does this come from?


Alex The Astronaut: I chose it half because I was studying physics and half from Typhoon’s song “Young Fathers” which has a lyric that says “When you’re young at heart you had your whole life before you, everyone will adore you, you’ll grow up you’ll be an astronaut.” I didn’t realise until recently that that’s where I started getting the idea. I liked the feeling of hope in that lyric as well as the feeling that the truth is coming for you. I thought I’d just say I was an astronaut because if I get to do music I get to be the lucky one that can say they got their primary school dream job.





weird: You had a soccer scholarship studying maths and physics in New York back in 2017 when you released your debut EP. Was becoming a professional soccer player an option for you?


Alex The Astronaut: No I wasn’t good enough hahah. I love soccer I think I just don’t have the brain for it. I have friends that are professional athletes and I think it’s similar in some ways to music but the details they focus on to be as good as they are I just don’t have that patience for. I could sit for hours and hours watching music but I struggle to focus on a full game of soccer.





weird: How come you got to push your musical career a step further while being over there in New York with releasing your first EP?


Alex The Astronaut: I think I got to go over there any perform in the most aspirational city in the world for musicians without having any friends or parents watching me. I think the most difficult thing about starting out is your audience is generally the people closest to you which is actually the hardest crowd to play to so it’s hard to improve like that. I think I started learning more and more about what I wanted to do while I was in Uni and I started really understanding how much I loved music over anything else.





weird: Is there anything musical-wise that you embraced and that influenced you during your time in New York? Would you say being in New York shaped you anyhow music-wise?


Alex The Astronaut: I love New York it’s my favourite city in the world. I think it’s everything, it’s so loud and bright and then there’s a big green quiet park in the middle of it. I listened to so many songs about New York that started to make sense to me. My favourite day I’ve had so far was one Sunday I walked around the city on my own listening to New York songs by everyone from Taylor Swift to Bruce Springsteen to Vampire Weekend. I would love to write songs about New York forever but I don’t really know how it influenced me in my music. I think it broadened how I see the world which definitely came through in what I was writing about.





weird: As an out artist you are engaged in fighting for LGBTIQA rights. Your song “Not Worth Hiding” literally played an important part when it came for voting for equal marriage in Australia in 2017. How else are you involved today?


Alex The Astronaut: I support charities where I can like Black Rainbow. I don’t do very much else. I try sign petitions when they go around. I think music is my best skill and I just try to keep playing that song.





weird: Finally. What would it be if you had to wrap up the first half of 2020 in a sentence?


Alex The Astronaut: What a pickle.








Interview: Christine Stonat (8/2020)

Photos: Je ss Gle eson

Alex Lynn aka Alex The Astronaut kommt aus Australien. Am 21.8.20 hat sie ihr Debutalbum „The Theory Of Absolutely Nothing“ veröffentlicht. Alles an ihr und ihrer Musik, zwischen Singer/Songwriter_in und Indie-Pop, die so großartig wirkt und nachwirkt, wirkt doch so bescheiden. Alex The Astronaut ist einfach nur sie. Und das spürt man in jedem einzelnen Song. Und mit jedem ihrer Videos. Alex The Astronaut erzählt Geschichten. Mit wunderbaren Texten und Gedankengängen und Bildern und etwas Speziellem in der Stimme. Man fühlt sich immer sofort wohl und zu Hause.


Alex hat Physik und Mathematik in New York studiert und dort Fußball gespielt. In dieser Zeit entstand 2017 auch ihre erste EP. Ihre Hauptinstrumente sind Gitarre und Klavier. Ihr früherer Song „Not Worth Hiding” wurde 2018 zur inoffiziellen Hymne als es zur Abstimmung über die Eheöffnung in Australien kam. Den Song über sexuelle Orientierung und Identität hatte sie an ihr 16-jähriges Ich adressiert.


weird sprach im aktuellen Interview mit Alex The Astronaut über ihre Musik und ihr aktuelles Debutalbum, über ihren Künstlerinnen-Namen, New York, Fußball, weird-Sein und mehr.







Alex The Astronaut

„The Theory Of Absolutely Nothing“


Out: seit 21.8.20

Single: „Lost“

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Name: Alex

Age: 25

Profession: Musician

My weirdest Characteristic: I have four different sets of PJs (Schlafanzüge. Anm. d. Red.) that I change into in the night depending on the temperature.

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September 2020

Alex The Astronaut

Foto: Je ss Gle eson

Alex The Astronaut

Foto: Je ss Gle eson