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Interview aus der weird-Ausgabe

Nr. 112 Februar 2017 | Interview from the weird-issue No. 112 February 2017


Lucy Spraggan




Interview: Christine Stonat 1/2017

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weird: January 27th (2017) your new third album “I Hope You Don’t Mind Me Writing” will be out. In Germany officially in February. How would you describe your new album, the new songs, the sound to our readers?


Lucy Spraggan: It's a very varied album - some of the songs are super upbeat and about the merrier things in life and some are about the not so fortunate things we come across. I wrote this album as a bit of a documentation as to what goes on in my life and hopefully it will resound with other people too.





weird: You said that you put hard work into your new album. Where and how long did you work on it and why was working specially hard on it important for you?


Lucy Spraggan: There's a song on my album that I started writing when I was 15 and finished when I was 24. There was a long gap between and I kind of forgot about the song but it was cool to revisit it and bring something back from the past. I worked on this for a year and a bit for the rest of the songs, two of them I wrote and added to the album just before it went to be mixed... that is very late to be adding songs but they just popped into my head!





weird: Your song “Dear You” deals with mental health issues. You say that making songs like this helps you to get along with your own demons. Would you say music is a kind of a therapy for you?


Lucy Spraggan: It definitely is. It helps me to express feelings that I might not be able to project otherwise. I can get very emotional during performances because my songs can mean so much to me. I think that's why I like to balance out the albums with happy and sad tracks, I think it's good to get in touch with your emotions whether they are positive or not.





weird: All the other songs are quite personal as well, right!?


Lucy Spraggan: They are. There is a song on here called 'All That I've Loved (For Barbara), Barbara is my wife's grandmother who is suffering with dementia - I wrote that song after meeting her and seeing the full impact of the disease, it really moved me. There is a song addressed to my future kids on there too, it all sounds a bit cheesy but I hope they aren't!





weird: In “Freddos aren’t 10p” you are rekindling the 1990s. Comparing it to today. Do you think growing up in the 90s was not only different but also easier – whatever that means – in a way?


Lucy Spraggan: So much easier. We didn't have phones so we could actually be alone when we needed to be. We weren't scared of all of the crimes and bad things that are pushed on us so much. I think we were all a little more 'free' and I often feel for the teenagers of today that have to battle with so much more than just puberty and deciding what to wear.





weird: You will be on tour in the UK in March 2017. And among others you are going to play one single show in Berlin on the 27th of March 2017. Are you excited? And what are you looking forward to the most?


Lucy Spraggan: I actually cannot wait. I've been to Germany but never Berlin and it's always been at the top of my list. Berlin is actually the last show of the tour so I dare say I'll be out to taste the local beers and check out the scenery... I'm incredibly excited. I did German at school too, so I'll try to brush up on it!





weird: How do you work on your set lists for your tours? Are your fans involved?


Lucy Spraggan: The fans are involved right from the beginning. I like to be able to chat and get a vibe from everyone right from the get go. At my shows I'm known to have the audience do a lot of singing and sometimes even a bit of barking like a dog... You'll see what I mean in Berlin.





weird: How good do you know Berlin and what do you like about it?


Lucy Spraggan: As I say, I have never been to Berlin, but know that it has a tremendous lot of art and history to speak for. I cannot wait to come and learn a lot more about Berlin; if anyone will be a tour guide I would love it!





weird: What music from queer female musicians have you listened to recently yourself? Any favourites for 2017?


Lucy Spraggan: I tend to listen to music that I come across organically, I can't say I've ever listened to anyone because they identify as gay or bi. I love Sam Smith but can't say I'm super up to date with the Top 40 of even modern pop.


I love the old stuff from Erin Mckeown and Carrie Curtis.





weird: You married in 2016. What has changed for you since thendue to it?


Lucy Spraggan: I wear a ring all the time! Apart from that, not too much. We've lived together for a long time so nothing changed as such. I feel very proud to be a wife and hopefully I'm quite good at it.





weird: How do you experience life in England after the Brexit vote?


Lucy Spraggan: I am very disappointed that my country voted to opt out of the EU. I woke up on the day after the referendum and felt like crying. I want to be part of the world and I want to share it with everyone and I feel that this is a step backwards for us completely.

I hope that the non-British people living in this country get to stay and continue giving us such brilliant friendship, art, cuisine and culture and that we will also be able to travel freely as we do now.

The EU is supported in my home.





weird: Last but not least, how is Steve?


Lucy Spraggan: He is brilliant. And cute as ever.





Interview: Christine Stonat (1/2017)

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- in eigenen Worten -



Name: Lucy Spraggan

Alter / Age: 25 (heute/today 27)

Beruf / Job: Musikerin / musician

Wohnort / Place Of Living: Manchester

Meine weirdeste Eigenschaft / My weirdest Characteristic: eine Sommersprosse auf meiner Lippe! / a freckle on my lip!


Die lesbische englische Sängerin, Songschreiberin und Gitarristin Lucy Spraggan (27) veröffentlicht am 3.5.19 ihr neues Album „Today Was A Good Day“ (Cooking Vinyl). Und sie hat in der Tat viele gute Tage. Zuletzt u. a., weil ihre erste Singleauskopplung „Lucky Stars“ seit April 2019 in der BBC2 Radiorotation läuft. Außerdem ist sie gerade zurück von einer Handvoll Gigs in Deutschland Ende April 2019 und einem Kreuzfahrt-Gig u. a. mit der lesbischen Rockikone Melissa Etheridge. Am 1. Mai 2019 startet ihre Clubtour durch Großbritannien.


Lucy Spraggan setzt sich privat wie auf der Bühne, in ihren Songs und Videos und nicht zuletzt durch ihre kontinuierlichen Auftritte bei Prides für LGBTIQ-Rechte ein. Im Juni 2016 heiratete Lucy Spraggan ihre Freundin Georgina Gordon. Die beiden leben gemeinsam mit Boston Terrier Steve in Manchester.


Zu ihrer letzten Albumveröffentlichung 2017 sprach weird im Interview mit Lucy Spraggan über ihr damals allererstes anstehendes Konzert in Berlin, wie es für sie ist verheiratet zu sein, über ihr damals neues Album „I Hope You Don‘t Mind Me Writing“, wie persönlich die Songs sind, warum es für sie wichtig ist eine Balance aus fröhlicheren und traurigeren Songs zu schaffen, wie emotional sie auf der Bühne werden kann und wie wichtig ihr der Kontakt zu ihren Fans ist … Da sich daran, zumindest, was ihre enge Verbindung zu ihren Fans angeht, bis heute nichts geändert hat, veröffentlicht weird das weird-Interview mit Lucy Spraggan aus unserer Februar-Ausgabe Nr. 112 von 2017 an dieser Stelle noch einmal. Diesmal erstmals in der Original-Version in Englisch. Enjoy!






Lucy Spraggan

„Today Was A Good Day“ (Cooking Vinyl)

Out: 3.5.19

Single: „Lucky Stars“

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