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Marla Glen



Interview: Christine Stonat (2/2020)

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weird: Your new album “Unexpected” is out now. It is a great and beautiful album. Very powerful and vibrant, but reflective also, and very diverse stylewise. What was your approach to the new songs and album?


Marla Glen: I write songs about what I’m going through, sometimes I write songs about how I feel or what I see. If you listen to all of my music, you will see that it is all reflective and diverse. This is the theme of a Marla Glen album.




weird: It is not quite “unexpected” that the album you released now is really great – what made you pick that title for your new album?


Marla Glen: Unexpected because sometimes, I think people don’t think I’m going to keep making music. Making music is a part of who I am. I can’t get away from it. People talk to me like I’m no working on my craft. They think I’m just smoking joints and drinking beer.




weird: Are the songs all new songs you wrote especially for the album or are they also from some years ago maybe, and how did you put the songs for the album together?


Marla Glen: These songs are pretty recent. I’m always growing as a song writer, writing about life’s experiences. One song is about my girlfriend. She knows which ones are about her.




weird: How was being back in the studio now? Did you record with a band or how did you work on the songs and album?


Marla Glen: I’m always recording some thing. I am already working on the next album. I finally found someone who I trust who gets me musically, and that helps. Someone who works with me in a human way. We work great together as a team. It’s my band leader Bruno. He’s like family.




weird: You celebrated your 60th birthday this year January. Happy belated birthday! Is the new album also a kind of special birthday present for yourself? And did you celebrate this decadal birthday in any other special way?


Marla Glen: Actually I feel like I’m older than 60, because I count the days I was in my mother’s belly. My birthday was quiet. Friends helped me bring in my birthday this year ... I don’t make that big of a deal about it ... I’m just happy to be here and happy to be making music. I’m not a person who celebrates birthdays big. My girlfriend’s birthday is the day before, it’s more about her than me. I have fun on her birthday, on mine I relax.




weird: No new album, but you have been constantly playing live throughout the last years. I saw you 2014 here in Bielefeld. Your live performances are amazing. What does being on stage means to you, how do you experience being on stage?


Marla Glen: Performing on stage is my job. It’s fun, but it’s still work. I like connecting with the fans, some of them I see at almost every concert. I’m glad they are still with me after all these years.




weird: There is one venue and show that is a must every year, the Pantheon in Bonn, right!? How come and what is special about the venue and shows?


Marla Glen: It’s nice to be asked back at every year at some venues, especially The Pantheon, it’s a reminder that people are somewhere waiting, so it puts fire under me to keep going.




weird: “If I was an ordinary person I would ...” you sing in this kind of love song “Ordinary”. (Assuming you singing about you) Do you consider yourself as not being ordinary here in a way of not living up to what society expects to be “normal” or is it even a statement towards racism and homo- and transphobia or is it more a private, personal “mental” insight?


Marla Glen: It actually ain’t that deep. Ordinary Person came up because In the middle of my working, my girlfriend wanted me to go on walks, and hold hands, and hang out. But I wasn’t in the mood. I was in the mood for making music. Sometimes people don’t get that about artist, you have to grab the inspiration when it hit you and keep going with it.




weird: Not ordinary – as this queer online magazine is proudly called “weird”, would you consider yourself as weird?


Marla Glen: I think everybody is a little weird including you. That is the way God made us. We are all different. Isn’t that wonderful?! Aren’t you glad we are all not the same. And what is weird to one person could be normal to the next person. I think I’m ordinarily weird.




weird: Since 2016 you have a very special friendship with your fan Claudia Bossert (former Schmid), it even seems as close as family to you. Claudia is one of Switzerland’s best pastry confectioners. What is your favorite “sweet” she is creating? Is there even a “Marla Glen” special she might have created after/for you?


Marla Glen: Claudia is amazing. I like everything she creates. But you have to ask Claudia if there will be a Marla Glen Special treat or dessert. I don’t know that. But I do want to congratulate her on her new son, and I want to say hi to the first baby, baby Lou – I’m an uncle twice.






Interview: Christine Stonat (2/2020)

Fotos: Ja n Ko hlrusch, Pe ter Ja ques (Bandfoto)

Mit dem ersten neuen Album seit 2011 „überraschte“ out Marla Glen zu Beginn 2020 Fans wie Kritiker_innen. „Unexpected“, so der Titel. Ein großartiges, stilistisch wie atmosphärisch abwechslungsreiches Album. Sir Marla Glen (60) ist ein Ausnahmekünstler. Seine Stimme, seine Songwriting-Qualitäten und sein musikalisches Talent sind einzigartig. Auch ohne neues Album stand The Glen, wie ihn seine Fans liebe- wie achtungsvoll nennen, in den letzten Jahren kontinuierlich auf der Bühne. Kultcharakter hat mittlerweile u. a. der alljährliche Auftritt im Pantheon in Bonn. In Bielefeld war Marla Glen zuletzt 2014, damals zu einem Solo-Konzert im Bielefelder Kanal 21-Studio. Der US-Musiker lebt seit vielen Jahren in Deutschland. 1993 wurde sein erfolgreiches mehrfach ausgezeichnetes Debutalbum „This Is Marla Glen“ veröffentlicht, dem 1995 das ebenso erfolgreiche zweite Album „Love And Respect“ folgte. weird sprach mit Marla Glen im aktuellen Interview - hier im englischen Original veröffentlicht - über das neue Album „Unexpected“, über Geburtstage und Bühneneindrücke, Songs über seine Lebensgefährtin, über Freund_innen und Familie und noch mehr.





Marla Glen

„Unexpected“ (Mohr Publishing/Soulfood)

Out: seit 31.1.20

Single: „Steppin‘ Up“




29.5.20, Die Kantine, Köln

23.10.20, Pantheon, Bonn


Ausgabe Nr. 144

März 2020

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Marla Glen

Foto: Ja n Ko hlrusch

Marla Glen

Foto: Ja n Ko hlrusch

Marla Glen & Band

Foto: Pe ter Ja ques